Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Great Spotted Start to GBS

Female Great spotted Woodpecker ( c. OOS)

Last weekend, we fulfilled an ambition of 3 or 4 years: a garden visit from a woodpecker finally happened: Discovered on Saturday morning first thing, bleary eyed,  I watched it on the peanut feeder.  However the visit was fleeting as I reached for the camera downstairs it took off back across the garden, into a high Sycamore and on to the adjacent Birch wood.

The woodpeckers appearance was followed 15 minutes later by a buzz around the feeder by a Sparrowhawk: I hope that doesn't end in grief! 

All was well though and I managed to get a few photos around lunchtime and it appeared again on Sunday.

Because I leave and return to the garden in darkness, I wont get a chance to record it for the Garden Bird Survey until next Saturday, or so I thought: However my 10 year old daughter rang to confirm not one but 2 woodpeckers this Tuesday morning.  Roll on the weekend!


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