Monday, 25 November 2013

GBS: A week to go!

The Garden Bird Survey is starting up next week: A pleasant if sudden onset of song from the appropriately named Song Thrush, was a reminder that birds react to changes in temperature ( it was a relatively warm, bright morning ). 

Song Thrush in amongst Hawthorn and Ivy (c. OOS)

Apart from the singing ones, presumably local birds, we have a nice selection of visiting Blackbirds and Thrushes making their way through our berry stocks.  Its been a good winter so far for the visitors. 

 Ringing recoveries suggest that many Blackbirds travel to winter with us originating from Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the UK. Pity the ones that lost their bid to survive whilst helping our understanding of migration: they met their end via stalking cats, moving cars and clear glass windows, to name three.

Male blackbird in Firethorn, Pyracantha (c.OOS)

Our traditional bird feeder visitors are also building up nicely:  Coal Tits now in numbers, the sunflower seed feeder is filled and emptied daily.  Goldfinches are back too, along with Chaff and Greenfinches, the latter two happily working their way through peanuts.

Many predict a cold winter, all the more reason to keep the feeders topped up, make a difference and enjoy the spectacle!

Goldfinches, Redpolls and Linnets in more extreme conditions (c. Shay Connolly)
Read all about the garden bird survey in e wings or the traditional print version in Wings,our membership magazine.

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