Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Crackers

I hope all our followers and Garden Bird Surveyors have a great, bird filled Christmas and New Year.

19 plus Goldfinches on Nyjer feeder ( Ita Martin)
Not everybody might be as lucky as Ita Martin who captured this wonderful picture of Goldfinches back in September in her County Dublin garden.. Note the number of young birds taking to the feeder.

Down Wicklow way we still have the Great Spotted Woodpecker coming to the peanut feeder: it continues to be very shy, but if you don't move around inside, it will spend a good five minutes on the feeder, unbroken, before towering away high into the trees and back to the oak forest.  The BTO reckon that the decline in Starlings means less competition for nest holes, benefitting Woodpeckers and supplementary feeding also increases their survival through winter.. What a great recent addition to our avifauna, in any 
GSW : currently a daily visitor (OOS)
Other notable visitors are the hordes of Coal Tits: just as well we have Pheasants to hoover up the spoil below the seed feeder.

Male Pheasant cleans up! (OOS)

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