Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ready to Go?

Adult alights on the box: note anti-cat defences around the box lid

The Blue Tits have survived the attentions of the Cat and the mixed weather: They are now very close to fledging, but maybe its better to stay another day in the nestbox, at least until the rain clears!  The adult birds are in surprisingly good nick, plumage wise, considering the number of times they are in and out of the box.

Juvenile begs for food

The young birds are beginning to make their way to the nestbox entrance/exit, cheekily calling the hard pressed adults for more food.  There are I think, six young in the nest, but I haven't lifted the lid for fear of causing alarm and an explosion of young birds out of the box. The young birds have a really eye catching lemon wash around the face and note the big bright gape: so effective for stimulating the adults to feed them. 

No Rest! Adult emerges from the box

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