Thursday, 7 June 2012

Helpers with the weeding!

As I write, the downpour shows no sign of easing: you've got to pick your moment to get out and try get some work done in the garden.  The grass and of course the weeds have been the first to bolt and its a game of catch up from here.
So shortage of seeds here

The nestbox is quiet with the Blue Tits fledging and dispersing last weekend.. A wet start for that brood!  The Swallow nest in the downpipe is staying dry so far, but has attracted the attention of a Magpie.. Thats why the nest is usually sited in a building

A pair of Bullfinches gorge themselves

The Bullfinches are quick to exploit my wild (or is it lazy?) garden..  They have been gorging the seeds of dandelion, forget me not and a host of unidentified ones from the borders.. All assistance gratefully received. 

You can see from  the photograph below, how wet the Bullfinch has got in its quest for food.. No sign of any nest in the garden, but I hope to see the much more plain faced young birds soon.

Dandelion seeds: worth the wetting!

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