Monday, 28 May 2012

New recruits

Juvenile Robin

Lots of new recruits around the garden, all making  early forays and no doubt availing of the great weather conditions to feed.  Juvenile Robins, despite not having the diagnostic red breast of the adult birds, are still distinctive.. They have the shape and 'jizz' of the adults that we are so familiar with.. that alert posture and shape and they have the tameness and inquistiveness that endears them to us.  

Spotted Flycatcher in Ash tree

Also around the garden, but definitely scarcer are Spotted Flycatchers: one of the last of the summer migrants to return to our shores they are not long 'in' and are straight down to nest building..  They are subtle in plumage and quiet too, but one you locate a bird they have some distinctive traits.  They like an elevated perch, often in an Ash tree I find, from which they swoop down or fly-catch insect prey before returning to their look out position. The call note is a subtle, soft 'tzee'

Inspecting an open fronted nestbox

They like to nest in crevices and holes, often in ivy but will take to an open fronted nest box.   The young birds are quite like juvenile Robins, being more scaly than the adults. 

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