Saturday, 5 May 2012

Swallows make summer

It was only in the last few days of April that the ‘home pair’ of Swallows, that nest on the roof under a gable, returned from Africa for the summer.  They are about two weeks behind their normal arrival date with us this year.  Last year they raised two broods , with 5 young in the first brood; its great to have them back, I am happy to wake each morning to their twittering outside the window! 

We are always amazed at the quirky choices and variety of nest sites that are chosen by Swallows:  a hard hat in a farm shed down in the East Coast Nature Reserve; bird hides are de rigeur, they regularly inspect the hide at the ECNR, all they need is a gap and they’re in!

Male Swallow at the ECNR: note the long tail streamers

Our home nest sits on the roof tiles but is tucked in under an eave, north facing. The nest has not been predated by Sparrowhawks, though it would be well within their reach and has survived storms, more or less intact until this year: Running repairs necessary this time.. plenty of mud available after the rain storms of last week.

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