Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Celebs gather at Druids Glen

(c. Dick Coombes)

Twelve Waxwings were successfully 'Papped' by BirdWatch Ireland staff this lunchtime, The birds were first seen resting up in tall trees in the picturesque Druid's Glen Resort.  A search around the resort revealed four or five small, fruit laden trees: Malus or Crab Apple, probably Golden Hornet cultivar.
Brian Burke and Dick Coombes line up in front of the Crab Apple trees (OOS)

The flock engaged in bouts of aerial feeding for insects, high above the glen,  before returning down to the Crab Apples which were consumed with great gusto. It was nice to see their two feeding strategies in action on this cold but very bright day..

(c. Dick Coombes)

(c. Dick Coombes)

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