Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sunny side up !

Robin in full sun mode (c. OOS)

What a blast of heat around Ireland and further south, soon to moderate though, well, we were a little uncomfortable in all that heat if the truth be known.

Out on the lawn just south west of the house, I have become accustomed to some strange posturing in the grass.  Usually a Blackbird, but also a Dunnock and a Robin have taken to just lying down and stretching spread eagled in the turf..birds sun bathing with attitude and a purpose.. 

Dunnock stretching a point (OOS)

By stretching out and extending feather tracts, birds stimulate the preen glands to produce oils which improve performance of flight feathers and also flush out feather parasites.

The procedure can look a little weird or grotesque, particularly when Dunnocks are involved.they look so cat like with that two toned eye!

They are also very much exposed to the threat of predators attacking as they lie prone and seemingly dazed in the heat.  I have noticed they break the procedure quickly, if any movement is detected.

Dunnock (c.OOS)

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