Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Food for young

From evening song post.. (C.OOS)

I have noticed a few Blackbirds in recent days, apparently carrying food for young. I  watched one closely this morning,  a male with a beak full of worms.. It seems early but we have Swallows back here for a week or so now, again earlier than last year, the weather is much milder so far, this spring. protein shake: food for young. (c.OOS)

A less frequently observed but bold visitor to our garden, was a Red Fox, probably with young cubs to feed.  It made its way up to the back door of the house, to raid some dry food put out for the cats.. 'all's fair', I suppose.  

I saw the same animal sniffing under the bird feeders and on another occasion it ran along the hedgerow with what seemed to be a rat in its mouth.  I think the den must be close by, and I can look forward to frolicking cubs in due course.. They are of course much easier to admire if you don't keep poultry: a friend was cleaned out of hens and ducks the other night, a serious reverse.  

Hungry fox opts for an easy meal (c. OOS)

I recently attended an enjoyable talk by gardening writer, Helen Dillon.. She bemoaned the fact that she can't spread bone or fish meal for compost, due to the persistent unearthing by her local, urban foxes.. she reckoned there are more urban foxes in Ranelagh than their country cousins in Rathdrum..tally ho!

Under the bird feeders (c.oos)

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