Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring Colours

Blue Tit (c.OOS)

There's still another day or so to go with the Garden Bird Survey: However, there's a real spring feeling in the air: birdsong no doubt triggered by the perceptible difference in the length of daylight and quality of light.

The garden has definitely woken from its winter rest, Hellebores have been in  flower for some time now, as has the Witch Hazel.  Best of all is the Cornelian Cherry, cornus mas, which has clouds of tiny yellow blossoms right now, the first good show from a few plants that went into the ground four years ago: worth the wait!

Cornelian Cherry (c.OOS

All together now!

The Blue Tits have appeared in great numbers, up to ten birds at a time, leading to a few squabbles and shows of territorial behaviour:.  Nestboxes are likely to be inspected, but there's plenty of time to feed up and get into the best condition for the breeding season.

A young Sika deer is showing a trust in us and browses the grass through the day and indeed, rests up in a corner where it is reasonably concealed.  Tameness might not be in its best interest, though theres no threat with us, it might need to show more wildness, if it wanders.

Young Sika deer rests up under a Larch. (c.OOS)

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