Monday, 9 September 2013

A Late Flourish

3 Small Tortoiseshells and a Peacock (c.OOS)

You can definitely notice a change in temperatures: it is still very pleasant by day, but there's a noticeable dip in temps after dark: I wonder how the late rush of butterflies are faring?   There are still plenty of flowering plants in the garden, and larval plants such as nettles are at their peak.  I found the Teasel plants that scatter about at random to be a great attractant at this time, but not a Goldfinch in sight!

There are lots of other flying insects (though Wasps have dropped off, thankfully).  This Willow Warbler, having inspected the seed feeders from a  few feet, reverted to type and retrieved a blue bottle from the willow tree.

Willow Warbler with insect prey  (c.OOS)
There's a few birds passing through: a Spotted Flycatcher was my first in the garden, this year.. I would love to have them breeding: open fronted nestboxes await you!
Blackcaps and Blue Tits are testing the fast ripening Elder berries; all are enjoying this time of plenty.

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