Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New Broods

After a late and often faltering spring, its great to see young birds around the garden feeders and,naturally, around the perennial plants.  We have plenty of bee and butterfly activity around the latter.

The peanut feeder is maintained full or nearly so, all summer, to catch the passing woodpeckers that are within a few hundred meters of the garden.. but so far, no closer!  However we had a family party of  7 Great Tits, some of the young feeding themselves, but others holding back in the Willow tree and fed morsels by the attentive adult. 

 Blue Tits are showing similar behaviour but noisy Greenfinches are less shy: 3 or 4 compete for space on the feeder, young and adults and lots of threat displays are employed to gain possession of the feeder. 

The Greenfinches are great foragers in the hardy geraniums,(Cranesbill), seeking out the seeds after the showy flowering season.  As garden plants go, they are great weed suppressors, have brilliant showy flowers over a long season and also provide food for bees and birds with pollen and seed.

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