Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Review of the Garden Bird Survey

The 13 week survey period certainly rocked along: It was a pretty average out turn for us , not without its highlights though and it brought a total of 30 species to the garden since last December.

Most abundant, and consistent visitor was Chaffinch, up to 29 of them, but no Brambling, which we half expected to record in the flock. The next most abundant bird was Coal Tit, with a peak of 16 in week two - the highest numbers were at the beginning of the season in December.  Blackbirds  are always fun to watch, patrolling the open areas: a peak of 12 was recorded in week one and we never recorded less than 6 in a week.

Male Blackbird: cold weather brought them close to the feeding station (c.OOS)
We missed Redpoll, so far this season, though we are hopeful of March movements and Siskins only visited on one week so far.  So, the Nyjer seed was left for Goldfinches to look after: peak count of 6, last week.

Long tailed Tits were perhaps the cutest visitor, appearing in the last five weeks of the survey, just when it got cold!
Long tailed Tit (c.OOS)
What a difference a tail makes! (c.OOS)
Jay and Pheasant put in full 13 week shifts in our garden, but the one woodlander that has eluded us so far is the Great spotted Woodpecker.. something to look forward to next time out!
Jay (c.OOS)

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  1. We were thrilled to see the long tailed tits arrive en-mass to our feeders too. Unfortunatley no Jays for us we would love to have them in our garden. Very interesting reading these results and comparing to what we have seen over the last 13 weeks. Thanks, lovely post!